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            “fish and chips, is haddock, and a BIG piece of fish, i like the fried clams and sea scallops, very good.” 




Returned to Pawtucket for a visit, craving fried clams. We called first, to see if they had received a delivery fresh for the weekend. YES!  When we got there I had the fried clams and scallops.  I got the garlic butter and pasta instead of the fries and slaw.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Al dente pasta and fresh, clean fried clams and tender scallops. The server was efficient, but friendly.   I told him I had traveled from Richmond VA for a clam fix.

Fast forward 5 days ( with many miles and meals in New England under my belt).  It was my last nite and I needed one last clam fix.  We didn't call first, so of course they had sold all of the clams and scallops over the weekend (sign they had been busy!).  The server said that they did have some lobster for a lobster roll. Hmmmmm.  I went for it, asking again for the pasta with garlic butter in place of two sides. The server inquired about the tornado he heard killed 3 souls in VA.He remembered I live now in VA.  Friendly.  

Dinner came after a reasonable wait that could have  seemed shorter if we had had a glass of wine, but we didn't. My sister's blackened salmon was a hit, especially the drizzle of balsamic.  Fresh and tender.  My lobster roll was the BEST I have ever had. Chunks of lobster among the shreds.  Not overly mayonnaised. Spices just right, with just enough celery to deliver the crunch.  I assumed it would be served in the traditional New England hot dog roll (also not widely available in Richmond), but it came in a fresh, sweet hoagie.
The top portion of the lobster got spooned onto the again al dente penne .  I didn't think I had died and gone to heaven, I knew it !  I ate all of the pasta/lobster, and maybe a quarter of the lobster roll.

The rest went home into the refrigerator for today's lunch. At 10am I boarded the train back to Richmond. That lobster roll on ice was gone before noon. Can't say enough about how good it was.

Overall I give Vino's 5 's. It's a casual dining place with a full bar where normal people can go in their jeans and get a meal that is, as the say in Virginia, "slap your momma good!!" I can't wait to come a back to visit.  I'll head to Vino's for my clams and lobster without a doubt.  Meanwhile, the family in Pawtucket will be enjoying it.  Try it yourself. Call ahead about the clams to make sure they haven't sold out!

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We came to Vinos for the live entertainment which did not diappoint. Customers and wait staff even got up to sing!

Food was good, appetisers were terrific and dessert was amazing! Service was a bit scattered as it seemed like the kitchen was slammed and food came out spuratically. Salmone seemed a bit underdone but really well seasoned. Our server was delightful and very responsive.

The atmosphere is very cosy, full bar and lots TVs to watch the game. Drinks were lovely and we'll mixed. If you go on a night with live entertainment get there early as the limited tables fill up quickly.

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